3 Simple Tips For A Smooth And Safe Relocation With Plants

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, many of us are currently self-quarantining and staying at home with our favourite things and hobbies. For some people, they can grow attached to their plants and enjoy taking care of them – similar to pets. It is common for a household to have one or two potted plants, while others may have a garden collection filled with various plant species. And if you add relocation into the picture, chances are they might not want to part with their beloved house plants.

During this difficult time, you may have little to zero clue on how you can safely move your house plants to another country. Just like fragile furniture and antiques, they need special care and attention to be moved whenever it is possible for you to relocate. Despite the tough times now, it’s always good to be prepared and learn how you can safely transport your plants for your move later.

Research about the country

Before taking your plants with you, find out more about the country you are relocating to and the types of plant species that are allowed to be shipped with the rest of your belongings. This ensures you can avoid getting in trouble for smuggling them unknowingly, or getting your plants rejected or confiscated by immigration customs control once they arrive in the country.

You also need to compare the climatic conditions of the new country you are moving to. The difference in climate and air quality can have an effect on their health, so you will need to find out how you can make the adjustments accordingly to ensure it survives well.

Preparing plants for the journey

It’s essential to give extra care to your plants a few weeks before relocating. The first thing is to get rid of the dead leaves of your plants and prune the dead branches. This should be done very carefully. A week before your relocation, you should remove any dust or pest that you find.

This is also the time for you to re-pot them in lightweight plastic pots instead of their usual heavy planters so it can make moving much easier. Place them in a box and use foam cushion or bubble wrap to stuff between the pot and the box to minimise shifting during the move. Tall plants can be bagged or wrapped in plastic to protect from any damage – remember to poke some holes in the plastic to let them breathe.

Transport your plants safely with international movers

When it is possible and safe again to move, you can contact international movers in Singapore, that provide international relocation services. Not only can they advise on the transportation of your plants, but they can also help with the relocation process to ensure that all the items you are bringing are safely transported.

Once your move is done successfully, your plants will need time to adjust to the new space and from re-potting. Keep a watch on their progress to ensure they are thriving well at the new place. Nonetheless, if you can’t take your plants with you, you can keep a plant cutting to re-grow your favourite botanicals at your new home. Alternatively, you can give away your plants to friends and neighbours as parting gifts, and ensure your cherished plants remain happy and healthy.

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