4 Effective Facial Hair Removal Methods You Can Consider

Not only do us women have to handle those pesky hairs on our body – but it’s a whole other ballgame when it comes to removing the fuzz on our face!

Why is that so? Facial hair removal can be challenging simply because it poses a different set of problems – especially as women are likely to suffer from hormonal changes as we age, causing facial hair that never used to be there to start sprouting.

Exploring the most popular hair removal methods to date, keep reading as we reveal the best way to approach facial hair – from those unruly side burns, upper lip down to your chin!


The most accessible D.I.Y. method has to be using a pair of tweezers to simply pluck away any unsightly “moustache” hair. While it does a great job – this method isn’t the most effective for those with more than just a few stray strands to get rid of.

In addition, tweezing can be difficult for areas such as your chin, and isn’t as effective in grabbing and removing tinier hairs. It can also be time consuming and requires regular maintenance.


Shaving is the fastest method for the days when you are rushing to head somewhere – but it only works well when you are faced with extremely light and fine hairs.

While it works to exfoliate the skin at the same time, it may result in a stubbly feel and rough texture as the hairs start to grow back. You will also probably need to shave every 1–2 days, which can be more of a hassle than anything to those who are constantly on-the-go.

You also need to ensure that you practice proper shaving techniques, such as applying a protective shaving product and shaving in the direction of hair growth. Failing to do so can result in – yes, ingrown hairs!


In the short term, it can be said that waxing works better in removing hair as compared to tweezing and shaving, albeit coming with the possibility of redness and sensitivity!

Since waxing works to remove hair from the root, this gives you more time to enjoy hair-free skin in-between sessions (up to 6 weeks!) However, the inflammation can be a problem for those with sensitive skin types, and the pain – well, let’s just say it’s the most painful option in this list.

Make sure you visit a professional as using the wrong technique can result in incomplete extraction of the hair follicle and breakage of the hair shaft, resulting in ingrown hairs and tender skin right after.

Super Hair Removal (SHR)

A surefire way to get rid of your facial hair is to consider SHR! The only semi-permanent solution for eliminating not just facial hair but body hair removal – it is ideal for those with thicker, darker and coarser hair.

It is important to recognize that although SHR is a laser treatment, it is not the same as the traditional IPL hair removal treatment. A better upgrade from the previous machines, SHR is able to deliver faster, more accurate and powerful shots in a shorter amount of time. Whereas the IPL machine delivers 1 shot per second, the SHR machines are able to do 10 shots to achieve the best results!

The only thing about laser treatment is that it is a commitment – requiring anywhere from 4 – 8 treatment sessions to notice a significant improvement. Otherwise, they are currently the best option for zapping away all the hairs on your face, minus the cons of the other temporary methods!

Which is the best method for you?

We all wish to look beautiful minus the pain – and given that facial hair is especially delicate, you will want to take extra care to choose a hair removal method that is safe, pain-free and effective in the long run! While waxing might be your best choice for temporary hair removal, laser treatment is definitely still the gold-standard for something more permanent.

You get the option to get rid of your facial hair for as low as $38 for a single area, or $99 per month for 3 areas! Call us to book your consultation today!

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