4 Hottest Cooking Trends To Attempt During COVID-19

While everyone is stuck at home during the COVID-19 crisis, people are taking it as an opportunity to learn new skills and stay motivated.

From cleaning and organising one’s space to transforming the home into an office and gym – there are many interesting activities you can try amid the Circuit Breaker!

One such trend that is getting viral on the Internet is the latest cooking recipes. People who stayed busy on normal days are now super excited to try different dinner and breakfast recipes.

Not only do they try interesting recipes, but they remember to post the delicious pictures of their new skills on Instagram and share these recipes with their social friends. Though we are separated from our friends, colleagues, and loved ones, one thing that has kept us together is food.

Putting aside our typical articles on fully furnished apartments for rent, In this post, we will discuss some interesting food trends that are going viral over social media. Let’s start with the quarantine-special Dalgona Coffee!

Whipped Dalgona Coffee

The Dalgona trend has gone viral overnight! From locals to celebrities, everyone is thrilled to try the recipe of this all-new, whipped Dalgona coffee.

Not to mention, it’s a pretty simple recipe. Just take some coffee and whip it until it gets the foam consistency, and voila – you’re done!

The best part is you don’t need a whisking machine to make Dalgona coffee – the wired whisk can be used for whipping. Moreover, Dalgona coffee is made with three ingredients only.

Put two tbsp of coffee grounds in a cup and add hot water and sugar to it. Whisk it for 20-25 minutes and stop when you notice the foam. Fill a glass with ice and milk and garnish it with the whipped coffee. That’s it!

Now, go onto your social media feed and flaunt your new creation. It may not be a feat like a full-course meal, but baby steps will always go a long way! Keep trying out new dishes, and soon you’ll be able to whip out something even more spectacular.

Banana bread

When the supermarket shelves are getting emptied quickly, people are left with only one choice – to make the ingredients from scratch.

Right now, the Circuit Breaker has even led to a new food trend; one of our favourite food staples known to mankind; bread! Many have taken on the challenge of breadmaking, and it’s known to be a soothing, interesting process which passes time quickly.

However, it isn’t as tricky as it sounds – in fact, it’s pretty easy!

Currently, banana bread is all the rage among the masses. You can easily whip it up with a mixer, pan or even a fork! From keto, gluten-free, vegan to the age-old, traditional recipe – there’s a lot of mouth-watering recipes you can try out.

But remember not to forget about ripe bananas – it’s the key ingredient to your recipe. The moment you notice that the skin of the banana has developed freckles – it’s your cue to start baking!

Meanwhile, you could also watch a couple of online tutorials at home to lend you more assistance in mastering the recipe. Once you’ve got it covered, you can dig in the delicious baked goody and have your family members get a taste of it too.


Unfortunately, during this period of time – we can’t casually dress up, step out of the house, and head to the bar for a couple of drinks at the bar.

However, all hope is not lost – we just have to be our very own bartenders! And you can still mingle with your friends virtually over drinks via the recently popular Zoom, Houseparty or the classic Skype app.

A couple of easy and common cocktail recipes you can consider include Negroni, Martini, Margarita, and Champagne Cocktail. But, there are still many other recipes out there – so, be sure to keep exploring to discover other recipes that match your taste buds!

A cocktail is also a great way to catch a break after you’re done with your pile of workload. Or if you’re one with relatively good tolerance, sip on a delicious Margarita as you’re working or replying to emails.


No one can ever get enough of the joy from baking – it’s such a calming, relaxing time and the aroma it brings is extremely delightful to get a whiff of while waiting for the masterpiece to be completed!

Besides, nothing can ever compare to brownies – there are just so many different textures and flavours you can experiment with.

Looking to try baking some moist brownies? Or are you a fan of cakes and want its texture to be similar to it? Or are you all about fudgy brownies?

Whatever you desire, will be answered – brownies are here to meet your every baking demand!

Everyone is taking up a new hobby amid the Circuit Breaker period, and one of the few popular ones would have to be cooking for sure! Whether you’re already partaking in this hobby or are interested in jumping on the bandwagon – you can start with these simple cooking trends.

On the other hand, our fully serviced apartments will still be open for use to existing housemates. However, we kindly ask for your assistance in adhering to the Circuit Breaker rules and measures, so, each of us is playing a role in ensuring the nation’s and citizens’ safety.

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