5 Simple Healthy Recipes To Try Out Amid COVID-19

Usually, the routine tasks and hectic daily activities from work or schooling takes up a lot of space in our schedule. Finding time to explore some exciting cooking recipes seems difficult.

Nevertheless, it’s not as if it’s mission impossible – with a little effort, time put aside, and researching – you’re sure to whip up something spectacularly delicious!

Now, just take out your phone or switch on your desktop or laptop to search for some healthy and nutritious food recipes online. Well, did something catch your eye? Let’s get cracking and start cooking then!

Aside from our usual articles on the perks of yourself deciding to rent a service apartment – we will be listing down five healthy meals that will keep you in the pink amid the crisis.

Vegetable omelette

You can prepare the healthy veggies omelette in only 10 minutes.

What a time-saving and healthy snack, huh?

So, just grab two eggs, a tomato, spinach, bell peppers (chopped), pepper, and salt. Put these ingredients into a mug and place it into the microwave for 2 minutes. That’s it! Your protein-rich, healthy meal is ready.

Though we may have said that the general time-frame is 10 minutes – if you’re quick on your feet and great at multi-tasking – you’ll finish this delicious snack in minutes!

Superfood breakfast salad

Start your day with a healthy and balanced breakfast.

The Superfood breakfast salad is a quick and easy meal to prepare. Put spinach, sliced strawberries, a handful of blueberries, a boiled egg, and chopped walnuts to a bowl. Sprinkle a few drops of honey balsamic vinegar in the bowl.

Filled with lots of nutrients and antioxidants, this Superfood breakfast salad is a go-to meal for millennials. It will keep you energised and positive throughout the day.

Say yes to better concentration and productivity – those piled-up tasks and assignments are about to be completed in no time!

Curd rice

If you want something light and simple for your mid-day meal – curd rice is the best recipe.

Put some oil in a frying pan, sprinkle mustard seeds, and heat it for 2-3 minutes. Chop green chillies and add them to the mixture.

As soon as the mixture turns brown, put a handful of whole red chillies. Add this Tadka to your fresh curd rice, and voila – you have made yourself ‘yoghurt’ rice!

Vegetarian chilli

It’s important to provide your body with immune-boosting nutrients in the pandemic time. While it may sound quite boring, a healthy lunch full of green vegetables and pulses is all you need to maintain your immunity. For the mid-day meal, try the vegetarian Chilli recipe.

It is light and loaded with all the right nutrients. Put red beans, roasted tomatoes, green beans, veggies, and frozen corn in a platter. Sprinkle salt, garlic powder, pepper, and some onion powder to the blend and put the platter in the microwave. Heat the ingredients and get the platter out in a few minutes.

There you go! Your healthy Vegetarian chilli recipe is ready to savour.

Fried rice and chicken

So, we’ve only mentioned meals filled with just veggies alone. But, what about checking out every level in the Food Pyramid, or specifically in this case – the proteins section?

If you are spending this lockdown with your loved ones and family, then prepare cauliflower fried rice and a chicken recipe for dinner and enjoy some family time!

The leftover chicken you had the other day can be used for this recipe. To prepare this recipe, you need to blend florets of cauliflower in the blending jar until it turns into a rice-like mixture.

Fry the cauliflower with garlic in sesame oil and pour one-fourth cup of water to the pan. Cover the frying pan for some time. Once the cauliflower softens, remove the lid and toss the cooked chicken into your frozen vegetable mixture.

And… your dinner is ready! Have some fun time savouring a protein-rich and scrumptious meal with your family.

Social distancing is ultimately the key to preventing the spread of the virus, but so is keeping yourself as fit as a fiddle in general! Consider cooking these scrumptious yet healthy meals to ensure you’re in good health.

With that being said, our long term serviced apartments in Singapore will still be continuing operations as usual, whereby housemates are given access to our spaces. So, we highly advise housemates to follow the Phase 2 rules and measures as per the three-phased approach by the government closely to keep both the nation and ourselves safe.

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