A Detailed Guide To The Industry Of Gold Bars In Singapore

Contrary to popular beliefs, Gold is not just for depicting wealth. It can be invested in and be used to increase your wealth. However, how do you begin your investment journey into gold?

How do you put money in gold bars in Singapore?

In this article, we shall look at a few ways Singaporeans can go about this:

Buy physical gold

Usually, investors can get physical gold in appearance as gold bars or coins. Then you will have to stock it at home, bank or generally somewhere safe.

Also, gold can be bought for investment purposes in banks e.g. gold bars can be bought at UOB

Open a gold savings account

Gold savings account permits you to deal in good without ever laying your hands on a real gold bar. Your deposits will only reflect in your balance. Some banks do this.

Buy into gold-related ETFs or other types of funds

The same way you invest in stocks and other merchandise through an ETF is the way this works. Again, there’s no having to deal gold in the real appearance. You just buy and sell your shares via a broker or an online platform.

Robot advisor, StashAway (a multi-asset ETF), lists gold as one of their assets, along with other stocks and bonds.

Buy gold certificates

Gold certificates are like the real gold bars but just that you don’t have to take them bars home. You will be issued a certified, which can be interchanged for cash or the real thing at anytime.

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