Balloon 101: Ways To Elevate Your Events With Balloon Decor

So, you have a party coming up, and you’re thinking of using balloons as your décor? That’s great! Balloons are fantastically versatile décor items that are also highly affordable and visually impactful. This makes them perfect for parties and even corporate events and weddings!

However, if you’re using balloons for the first time in a long while, you might be wondering how you can make them look good – not just for a children’s party, but for a modern, instagram-worthy party.

Well, here’s our quick crash course on how you can use balloon decorations in your event!

How can I use balloon decorations for my event?

As we said, balloons are versatile – and we mean it. Just look at the number of things you can do with balloons: balloons bouquets, pillars, arches, walls, sculptures, and so much more! If you think of balloons as an art medium, the possibilities are endless! Anything that you can make out of clay or paint, you can also envision it with balloons for a highly impactful decorative centrepiece.

Of course, there are also countless balloon types that look beautiful by themselves. Apart from the standard solid-coloured latex balloons, balloons nowadays also come in dashing colours like metallics and marbled designs. When browsing for balloons in Singapore, you will also find balloons filled with glittery confetti, and even gigantic balloons filled with smaller balloons.

The possibilities expand when you consider foil balloons – these come in almost any shape and design perceivable, from stars and hearts to even your favourite superheroes! Not to forget, you can put in a personal touch by opting for customised balloons!

How to choose the right event balloon decorations

1. Think of the color scheme

Colour is a powerful visual element that can tie disparate elements together. Having a colour scheme makes your décor look more coherent and shows that you’ve put thought into it! Usually, colour schemes are made out of about 3 to 4 colours that go well together. You can consider having an accent colour as well to give a splash of contrast.

2. Consider your event purpose

The decorations should reflect the theme of your event. If it is a corporate event, your balloons may need to be in more subtle colours and look classy; on the other hand, if it is a baby shower, you can opt for bright colours or pastels.

Apart from colour, you can also consider if you want any special foil balloons to create a specific theme. For example, heart-shaped balloons are best-suited for a wedding or proposal. Or you might be throwing a party for a child who is a big fan of Spiderman – in that case, you can include some foil balloons of Spiderman.

3. Survey your space

Having a couple of balloons here and there won’t be much of a problem, but if you want to go big and have a balloon arch or balloon photo wall, you will need to consider the space you have. It will be best to survey your event venue beforehand and decide where to place the balloon décor, so that you don’t find yourself disappointed on the day itself with not enough space for your brilliant balloon arrangement!

4. Decide on the balloons required

After considering the above points, you can more or less decide on the balloons that you will need. If you are going the DIY route, you will need to determine the number of balloons required and purchase them from a party store.

However, if you are looking at helium balloons in Singapore, it might be easier to order them from a supplier so you save the need to blow them up yourself. If you wish to have balloon arrangements or sculptures like a photo backdrop or archway, having the help of professionals will also give you more peace of mind.

Let balloons take your party to a whole new level

We hope this guide has been useful for you in getting started with balloons for your party! Truly, balloons have such great potential as decorative items, we’ve only just scratched the surface on what they can achieve. If you find yourself dreaming up any wild ideas for balloon decorations, don’t hesitate to enquire with your balloon supplier to see how they can turn it into reality for you!

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