Event Budgeting: How To Plan A Cost-Effective Outdoor Event

Are you planning your first outdoor event? Understanding your target market and having a well-thought strategy may lead you halfway towards success. Outdoor events do not have to be costly, if you know how to plan smart.

Follow our guide and you won’t have to worry about going beyond your allocated budget!

1.  Plan ahead and secure the logistics early
Last-minute additions are usually subjected to stock and manpower availability. Securing event logistics such as tables and chairs during major festive occasions can be quite a challenge, especially at the very last minute. Due to high demand during the festive period, it is best to confirm the logistics and its quantity for your event at least two weeks prior to the event.

The last thing you would want is frantically going around sourcing for alternative supplier due to stock unavailability, as it will definitely be pricier. In the worst case scenario, this might cause the setup progress to be delayed.

2. Apply for the relevant permits
To avoid unnecessary fines, it is important to understand more on the safety regulations regarding organising outdoor events in Singapore. From food festivals to large-scale outdoor concerts, each type of events have their own sets of permit and approval prior to it’s commencement of operation. Evading the mandatory applications may also pose risks of fine or even cancellation of event, so it is essential to ensure that every safety regulations are met for the show to run smoothly.

3. Choice of Tents and Logistics
As an organiser, one has the responsibility to thoughtfully consider what type of tentages, tables, chairs, flooring and lightings do you require for your event. Event logistics company usually carries a wide range of product category, and it is often a good idea to mix and match according to budget and explore fresh variations. Do you really need that premium flooring for a half day event? Are there more affordable ways to beautify the interior and exterior of the tentages?

This is your chance to go creative, be it having a  dome tent or an octagon tent. With many experienced event logistics rental companies in Singapore, you can consult them on what is the most suitable for your event and your budget.

4. Choosing a suitable venue according to your requirement
Location is crucial when it comes to event planning and management. Highly-accessible venues are often favourable amongst event organisers as they bring convenience not only to the guests but also vehicle-friendly to the vendors and contractors who will assist with the set up. Are there sufficient loading and unloading areas? In addition, if the venue owner requires the reinstating the turf, the cost should be factored into the budget as well.

5. Choosing the right vendor
It is always a good idea to hire professional marquee rental company to manage the setting up and tearing down process. When sourcing for a vendor or an event management company, keep an eye for one that has prior experience in setting up at the specific venue or has done similar kind of events. These companies can provide reliable advice and tips to save on cost and time, which is especially invaluable to an amateur.

With these goals in mind, one is able to explore various options and plan each event according the respective budget.

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