Everything You Need To Know About Hair Transplants

Everything that you need to know about hair transplanting like what is it? How much does hair planting costs in Singapore and Is it really worth it? And what is the best age for hair transplanting is present in this article.

Hair fall is not a new thing for all of us. Due to this, nowadays, a practice of hair transplant is growing rapidly. It is very common in Singapore these days.

What is Hair Transplanting?

Hair Transplant is a method of removing hair from any one part of the body and planting it on the bald part of the body. The place from where the hairs are removed is called the donor site, and the place where they are put is called the recipient site.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Singapore

Not only in Singapore, but in every country, hair transplanting is a little costlier. It is highly variable and ranges from around S$4,000 to S$15,000. It is this costlier, that companies even offer it at EMIs but there are many factors on which this cost depends.

Is Hair transplant really worth it?

Hair transplants are very costly in Singapore, so it is very important to know if it is really successful or not. Typically, hair transplants are more successful than other products that we use for hair restoration. Also, it is a long -erm solution for baldness. Also, the hair looks completely natural and tends to grow thin with time.

The best age for Hair Transplanting

Though there is no age as such, you can transplant your hair at any age. But still, doctors advice not to have a hair transplant if you are below the age of 25. Because at a young age, it is difficult to understand the hair growth pattern completely.

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