Get Rid Of Acne: What To Eat To Achieve Clearer Skin

You are what you eat. This saying holds considerable value and truth since scientific studies have proven how the food we consume directly impacts our skin.

Sugary foods

Some foods raise blood sugar levels to an extent that they disrupt your body’s normal hormone balance. A sudden and fast rise in blood sugar levels triggers the body to release insulin. Insulin is a hormone whose excess in the blood stimulates oil glands to produce oil. This increased oil production places your skin at a higher risk of acquiring acne. Foods that cause a spike in blood insulin include white rice, sugar, white bread, and pasta. These foods are regarded as high glycemic carbohydrates owing to their insulin-producing tendency. They are also commonly known as simple sugars. Chocolate is also believed to cause or worsen acne.

Western diet and acne

Researchers have also concluded a connection between the western diet and acne. The American diet is high in simple sugars, saturated fats, dairy, and trans fat. Such foods trigger an increase in the production of hormones that produce an excess of oil on the skin and thus develop acne. Western diet has a direct correlation with increased inflammation as well which consequently aids in an acne breakout.

Foods for preventing acne

Low glycemic foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates and the ones that reduce inflammation are effective in battling acne. Aesthetic Clinic Singapore recommends consuming of whole grains, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, and legumes against acne.

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