The Reason Why Canvas Bags Are Perfect As Corporate Gifts

One of the biggest challenges facing brand managers is choosing the right corporate gifts to get the most exposure.

Picking the perfect gift is everything! An ideal corporate gift is practical, long-lasting and well-designed. A canvas bag is all of these things and more.

Simply engage with a canvas bag printing company to place your logo on the bag, and you are good to go. Just like that, you get fast, fuss-free, far-reaching advertising.

If you are still unconvinced, here are some of the advantages of getting this versatile corporate gift.


Canvas is typically made out of cotton or linen, both very durable fabrics.

It is made using a technique called plain weave, which gives it its soft texture while making it just as durable as other harder materials.

With an astounding strength-to-weight ratio, canvas bags can be light-weight while still handling the stress of relatively heavy items. Depending on how often the bags are used, they can last for decades without tearing through.


Canvas bags are not picky – they do not require any special care or maintenance and are machine washable.

You could throw the bag into the washing machine together with your laundry and call it a day.

Considering that canvas bags can hold pretty much anything, there are bound to be times when something the user is carrying stains the bag.

The most common instance of this would be groceries, but other supplies like paint or beverages could leak into the bag as well. Reusability hinges on the ability of the user to get rid of these stains.

Fortunately, for canvas bags, this could not be easier.


The most popular aspect of canvas bags is their eco-friendly nature.

Cotton is a natural resource, meaning that the manufacturing process has a lower carbon footprint compared to that of some other synthetic materials. Their main boon, however, is their reusability.

Canvas bags serve as a green alternative to plastic bags because one bag can be used for several trips, as opposed to plastic bags which are often thrown away right after.

If the bag’s quality and design are good enough to encourage frequent use, you can promote your brand while helping your customers go green. It’s a win-win!


Canvas bags are cost-effective as they give you a considerable return on investment.

Customers are bound to use them for a long time and give your brand free, prominent exposure.

What’s more, canvas is an economical fabric to produce, so you will be cutting costs on the front-end as well. This makes canvas bags an excellent choice for any business – big or small!


Canvas bags are highly receptive to ink transfers. Ink can smoothly enter the fabric, setting in without bleeding.

This means that printing your logo or designs on the bag will be a breeze. The designs can take a lot of punishment. You can soak it in water, scrub it or leave it in the sun, but the colours will not fade.

Canvas bags are one of the most popular options for corporate gifts, and for good reason. Their long-lasting nature and flexible, prominent options for advertisement guarantee a substantial return on investment.

That being said, you should also consider other materials when deciding what corporate gift bag to use. We provide custom non woven bag printing and paper bag printing services as well. Feel free to shoot us an email to enquire about which type of bag is right for you.

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