Things To Consider For The Preparation Of A Staff Party

Staff parties are a wonderful opportunity for the office to come together and have some fun. Not only can the company relax and forget about work for a while, but they can also get to know each other better outside the context of completing a project together.

Most staff parties are conducted to celebrate or commemorate occasions, so sufficient effort must be put in to make the party enjoyable for all. The following tips might give you a better idea of what should be considered in the planning of your next staff party.

Plan for the occasion

Is it a year-end party? Or an anniversary celebration? The occasion can determine the type of party you are going to throw, from the decorations to the activities. Also, find out what your colleagues expect from the party. This will help you get an idea of whether it should be a fancy dinner gala, or an intimate office gathering. A staff appreciation party would require some small gifts as a tangible takeaway from the event. You can source for corporate gifts wholesale for a better price without compromising on quality. Knowing the occasion and purpose of the party will put you on the right track.

Set a date

The date of the party should be appropriate for the occasion and not clash with other important events in the company’s calendar. The date should be communicated well in advance to the invitees so that they can mark it in their schedules. A well-chosen date will allow attendees to be able to plan early and enjoy the day with a peace of mind.

Plan within budget

It’s no use planning for a lavish party if your company cannot afford it. Be realistic about the budget and stick to it. List out your required spending and conduct research to source for providers that work within your means. Some must-haves for any party include the venue and food. It is also a nice gesture to include some gifts for attendees to take home. A good idea is to order customised non woven bags wholesale so that everyone has a unique gift to take home. For a higher budget, personalised leather wallets will be a practical gift you can gift your staff with.

Choose a suitable venue

The site of your party can make a difference in the atmosphere of the event. For a low budget option, it is possible to conduct the party within your office premises, provided you have adequate space to do so. Otherwise, external venues can be booked according to the nature of your party. Other than the capacity of the room, don’t forget to check the logistics of your venue, such as the number of tables and chairs, proximity of toilets, and availability of food and beverages. Consider also the location of the venue, and choose one that is accessible to all your attendees.

Cater food

What is a party without food and drinks? If you have chosen to hold the party in a restaurant or hotel, chances are, the venue would have options to serve their in-house food to you. If you have booked a room that is not affiliated to any food suppliers, it’s time to source for food caterers. Food is often a big talking point at any party, so don’t skimp on quantity or quality! It is advisable to choose reputable caterers and have a sample tasting of the menu prior to the actual day. Don’t forget to show sensitivity to the food preferences of your colleagues, and order enough variety of food to accommodate those on special diets.

Staff parties are a long-awaited occasion and well-deserved break for the whole office. Use these tips to organise the best staff party that everyone will enjoy and remember for a long time!

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